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All of Rachel's sculptures may be custom ordered in Bronze, in various sizes up to 180 cm (72 inch) tall. Resizing, molding and finishing is personnaly controlled by Rachel. Send us a message on Fine Art America to get a quote. Click "Rachel Hershkovitz" on top right of every image page, then click "contact" below rachel's picture.

Rachel is a visual creative artist since the 1980's. Her works were displayed in dozens of personal art shows in the last 25 years, including two during 2012. She lives and creates in Tsefat, Israel - an old town that has an active art colony. Graduate of the Ein Hod art school, Rachel creates Paintings in various techniques, Sketches, Bronze and ceramic sculptures.
Rachel has created in many art styles such as Impressionistic, Surrealistic, Cubistic, Realistic and more. Her talent has made each creation in her own special style. Her collection of artwork includes hundreds of creations that show her definite original talent.

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All copyrights for artwork in this site are owned by Rachel Hershkovitz. Any unauthorized use of these artworks is a violation of copyrights laws and regulations.


Mermaid-2 by Rachel Hershkovitz


Aztec Fantasy Surreal front image 1 by Rachel Hershkovitz


Gargoyle wall ceramics by Rachel Hershkovitz


Borka Jail by Rachel Hershkovitz


Gray Silk Maya face in nature landscape abstract fantasy with black grey white colors sunset by Rachel Hershkovitz


Hirbe landscape in Afek black and white old building ruins trees bricks and stairs by Rachel Hershkovitz


Paris salon scene women in seductive cloths impressionistic piano hats table chair mustache by Rachel Hershkovitz


Red Aztec face in nature landscape abstract fantasy with earth colors sunset and skyline by Rachel Hershkovitz


Candle Light mother child faces in yellow candle light blue red background by Rachel Hershkovitz


Colorful impression of purple flowers in blue brown ceramic vase yellow plate with green branches by Rachel Hershkovitz


Jaffa Ladies impressions of women sitting outside in nature trees chair stool talking green white by Rachel Hershkovitz


Nude Mermaids Collage swirling bodies in frozen motion by Rachel Hershkovitz


Footsteps to Peace colorful abstract symbolism with urban cityscape path tracks bird dove by Rachel Hershkovitz


Boy or girl woman or man African or Asian has curly hair big lips and a big head by Rachel Hershkovitz


Waiting for partner Orange woman blue cubist face torso tinted hair bold eyes neck flower on dress by Rachel Hershkovitz


Young woman face with curls in blue green dress purple hat with flower by Rachel Hershkovitz


Face in autumn leaves by Rachel Hershkovitz


Face from nature desert landscape abstract fantasy with flowers blue eyes yellow cloud in sky by Rachel Hershkovitz


Naive wedding large family white bride black groom red women girls brown men with hats and flowers by Rachel Hershkovitz


Global Warming Silk melting glaciers valley or where did all my blue glaciers go by Rachel Hershkovitz


Working woman by Rachel Hershkovitz


Woman mourning her dead son who died in a war by Rachel Hershkovitz


Hat dream fantasy woman face with dramatic blue hat old style red dress with white lace sleeves by Rachel Hershkovitz


Suffering Circle in Bronze sculpture men in rugs standing in a circle with suffering faces crying by Rachel Hershkovitz


Jerusalem alleys tall 5 in red yellow brown orange green and white abstract skyline landscape by Rachel Hershkovitz


Lady Godiva in a gown green bronze sculpture by Rachel Hershkovitz


Corn love fantastic realism faces in green corn leaves sleeping or dead loving or mourning gree by Rachel Hershkovitz


Mother Mourning her son who died in a war large hands womb inside long hair sad face by Rachel Hershkovitz


Nude of a real woman in black by Rachel Hershkovitz


Parisian cafe scene in blue green and brown by Rachel Hershkovitz


The young Rachel maybe ginger redhead face in green yellow red large eyes plump lips and neck by Rachel Hershkovitz


Surprize Drops surrealistic green brown face with liquid drops large eyes mustache by Rachel Hershkovitz


Wakeup Call Rooster Bronze Sculpture with beak feathers tail brass and opaque surface by Rachel Hershkovitz


Tsalmit following an ancient Knanite woman figure naked in partial bow by Rachel Hershkovitz


Bronze Hollow Lady in Gown Front sculpture in bronze and copper green long hair by Rachel Hershkovitz


Suffering Circle ceramic sculpture brown clay by Rachel Hershkovitz


Caparot front by Rachel Hershkovitz


Green Rooster Call 2 in surrealistic frame background blue tail feathers mountains landscape and egg by Rachel Hershkovitz


Clear flowers on green background by Rachel Hershkovitz


Istanbul seascape towers by Rachel Hershkovitz


Roman mask torso lady with head cover face eyes large nose mouth shoulders by Rachel Hershkovitz


Jerusalem alleys 7 lacquer on canvas with stairs mosques minarettes domes flower fences by Rachel Hershkovitz


Kotsim thorny desert plants in brown flowers leaves monochrome white by Rachel Hershkovitz


I am all ears head face with ears only large nose no eyes huge ears by Rachel Hershkovitz


Akko port landscape abstract blue green ocean water sun sky brown yellow colorful city beach light by Rachel Hershkovitz


Old Woman in the street sitting near a tree on a bench looking sad and tired by Rachel Hershkovitz


Nature beach landscape of sea in storm blue green water white wave breaks on rock clouds in sky by Rachel Hershkovitz


Blond in the wind surrealistic landscape windy tree woman head in blue and yellow by Rachel Hershkovitz